March 16, 2021 Hailey Day

Trash Enclosures Are Often Neglected in Property Maintenance

In our work with property owners and managers across the city, we frequently hear frustration about trash enclosures and the eyesore they have become. This situation is no surprise to the team at Western Skies Exteriors.

It’s common knowledge that trash enclosures at most multi-family, commercial, and retail properties get more than their fair share of abuse. They are open to the elements, trash removal crews can be a little rough, and residents have been known to practice their basketball moves by launching trash over the walls. Add in the fact that trash enclosures are often at the bottom of the priority list for upkeep and you have all the ingredients for maintenance issues.

Western Skies Exteriors has seen it all and we can get your trash enclosures back to a level of respectability. We start by addressing the most pressing issues before they have a chance to get worse. This means tackling structural issues, sealing cracks, ensuring access doors are in good working order, and giving everything a thorough cleaning and good painting. Then, we set our focus on preventative measures to keep your specific issues from re-occurring. The examples below outline some of the preventative solutions we have installed for customers that have made a big difference.

Problem: My trash removal company is smashing the walls of our trash enclosures with our metal dumpsters and causing significant damage.


Solution: At many properties, we have installed metal roll stop bars to the interior floors of their trash enclosures to keep dumpsters where they should be and eliminate wall damage.

Problem: The metal access doors of my trash enclosures keep being opened haphazardly and causing damage to the structure.


Solution: We have effectively solved this problem at many properties with the targeted use of door swing stops, bumpers, and creative signage.

Problem: My tenants are tossing their trash over our trash enclosure walls, missing the dumpster, and creating an huge mess for my property team to clean up every week.


Solution: We have solved this problem for many customers by installing metal or wood pergolas on top of their trash enclosures. They look nice, meet fire code, and encourage tenants to practice their basketball skills elsewhere.

At Western Skies Exteriors, we’re always looking for creative ways to simplify the lives of property owners and managers, and trash enclosures are just one area where we can help. From roofs to parking lots and everything in between, we are specialists in inspection, maintenance, and repair services for building exteriors.

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